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Contemporary Politics

Contemporary Politics

Although key elements of the politics of occupation and its impact on Palestinians are woven and evident throughout all our programmes and tours, visitors particularly interested in the history of the Zionist movement and their colonialist enterprise, the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict, and the current status of the conflict, may wish to consider contacting us so that we can organise a be-spoke tour or add on to an existing tour you may be considering. 

Itineraries can include meetings with Israeli and Palestinian NGOs, civil society groups, politicians, scholars, and victims of the conflict. Programmes can also include visits to particular sites of interest, such as mixed Israeli/Palestinian communities, Israeli settlements, demolished Palestinian houses, and villages, communities under siege, and sites affected by the segregation wall. 

Please contact us.  We would be happy to discuss your ideas and needs.

  • Media and Palestine

    Media in Palestine (A ten day study programme) Palestine has a rich and diverse history dating back thousands of years. Read More
  • Tree Planting

    February 10th - February 18th 2018 The people of Palestine have been the care takers of olive trees for more than Read More
  • Palestinian Land Day Tour

    March 24th - April 1st 2018 Land Day is an annual commemoration of the 1976 massacre that took place in Sakhnin, Read More
  • Christmas in Palestine

    December 22nd – December 30th 2018 Throughout the world, Christmas is celebrated on three different dates depending on the Christian denomination. Read More
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