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Twenty kilometres south of Bethlehem lies Hebron, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world with evidence of settlements dating back to 4,500 BC. Beautiful examples of Mamluk style architecture dominate the main street of the Old City. Hebron is famed for its crafts particularly pottery, glass blowing and home of a famous Kaffia factory.  A visit to the Old City provides a startling reminder of the impact of settler colonialists on the daily lives of the Palestinian residents.  As the burial place of the prophets Abraham/Ibrahim, Isaac, Jacob and their wives, the site is of major importance to the three major religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.  The Old City’s main street was once a bustling thriving centre of Palestinian commerce, but sadly, the shops are all locked and the street forbidden to Palestinians on the orders of the Israeli government.  However, driven from the main street, the Palestinian merchants sell their crafts and wears in the famous Old City souk which provides a welcoming and lively atmosphere for visitors.

See:  http://travelpalestine.ps/hebron/


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