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October 24th - November 1st 2016

Traditionally, the Olive Harvest is one of the main economic and cultural events in Palestine. Forty-five percent (45%) of the agricultural land in Occupied Palestine is planted with olive trees which have been a part of Palestine’s landscape for nearly 4,500 years 

December 22nd – December 30th 2016

Throughout the world, Christmas is celebrated on three different dates depending on the Christian denomination.  Palestine has a rich and diverse Christian fellowship estimated to be 50,000 out of a population in the West Bank of 2.73 million Palestinians.  Palestinian followers of the Catholic and Protestant churches celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December; Palestinian followers of the Greek Orthodox Church celebrate it on the 6th of January; and Palestinian followers of the Armenian denomination celebrate Christmas on the 18th of January.

February 13th-February 21st 2017

The people of Palestine have been the care takers of olive trees for more than 4,500 years. Over the centuries, olive trees have become a prominent part of the landscape of Palestine and nature’s witnesses to the rise and fall of empires which have possessed and passed through the land.

March 28th - April 6th 2017

Land Day is an annual commemoration of the1976 massacre that took place in Sakhnin, a Palestinian village in Northern Israel, Lower Galilee, north of Nazareth.  On this day, six Palestinian men and women were murdered and nearly 100 injured while protesting the confiscation by Israel of 20,000 dunums (5,000 acres) of land from families living in Sakhnin and Arrabba.


Media in Palestine (A ten day study programme)

Palestine has a rich and diverse history dating back thousands of years. It is an important place in the development of civilisation and religion because of its geographic location and its position between three major continents and the existence of ancient cultures and trading routes.

To Be There together with Singer Cafe organize weekly tours on Sundays to discover the reality of life under military occupation and understand more of the geo-political situation of Bethlehem.


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